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Have you ever felt there’s too much on your plate?

If so, congratulations! Your business is doing great!

But while you’re busy scaling up your business, don’t let it steal your time from doing what’s more important to you.


What if you can grow your business without going into the nitty-gritty stuff?

What if you can establish your online presence even on a digital sabbatical?

What if you can touch base with your customers, or increase your sales, while you’re having a great time with your family and friends?


With the help of the Blossom VA, you can actually grow your business and live your fullest life at the same time.

Let’s just take the loads off your shoulder.


Kristine is a registered nurse and virtual assistant. She helps students pass exams by writing review questions and rationale for the subjects Anatomy and Physiology and Nursing concepts.

She has a year of experience teaching in the College of Nursing in Colegio San Agustin – Bacolod in the Philippines and spent a couple of years gaining experience in the clinical and community health nursing.

After settling down, she ventured into working remotely as she started to serve companies virtually through her administrative, social media, and writing skills.

Kristine believes in working smart and organized and making her clients’ life easy. 


Content Writing

NCLEX Exam Questions and Rationale

Anatomy and Physiology Exam Questions and Rationale


Blog Posts




Data Entry

Blog Management


Internet Research

Powerpoint Presentation

Google Slides Presentation



Content Creation

Basic Graphic Design

Facebook Page Management

Instagram Engagement

Post Scheduling


6 + 5 =


I have worked with Kristine in Thumbtack for the past 5 years. Kristine has consistently been one of our top performers on the team. Because of her meticulous attention to detail and competent judgment calls in decision making, she had been assigned to the in-team quality assurance position as one of her roles. I always appreciated her responsiveness and quick action on items that needed to be done. I am grateful for all the work she has done for our team.

Karel Nadela

Deputy Manager - Marketplace Trust and Safety Operations,

Kristine is a valuable part of my team. She researches and writes newsletters for my business. She’s dependable, responsible, reliable and communicates clearly. She’s easy to work with and quick to reply to emails. Kristine meets deadlines consistently and often ahead of schedule.
She’s a quick learner and writes about complex topics in a way that is easy to understand. I highly recommend her.
Rebecca Hazelton


Kristine is a breath of fresh air. I love her enthusiasm to help even with tasks that are new to her. It only shows her willingness to learn and drive to succeed in the online world. She follows up with smart questions and is always responsive to messages. Highly recommended!

Karissa Javier

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and Public Speaker, 3rd World Nomad